METU Development Foundation Student Guest House

Amenities Offered to Students at the METU Development Foundation Student Guest Houses

The EBİ Corp. Guest Houses are located in the dormitories zone on METU’s Ankara and NCC campuses. The EBİ Guest House, which opened in 1999, was transferred to METU in 2014. The METU Development Foundation Dormitory, which opened in 2001 and the NCC EBİ Dormitory, which opened in 2008, are again run by the EBİ Corp. Management Services Group. In these dormitories and guest houses where a total of 362 university students can reside, accommodation services are offered to Summer School students and METU’s guests once the academic year is over and to incoming students and their parents during their enrollment period.


The METU Development Foundation Student Guest House consists of two blocks of 5 floors each, standing on an area of 4.476 square meters. The first of these blocks has a total capacity of 95 rooms and 100 beds. One floor is allocated for female students and the other four for male students. On each floor, there are 18 single rooms and 1 double room, all with bathrooms. On the ground floor, there is a laundry room, a computer lab, a drawing and design room, a large study room, a kitchen and a TV lounge, all of which are available for common use. The second block has a total capacity of 50 rooms and 122 beds, and is for female students only. The building has 10 single, 8 double, and 32 triple rooms with bathrooms, as well as 5 study rooms. There are two checkrooms on the ground floor of this block.  


In addition to the administrative services provided for a total of 140 female and 82 male students, in order to offer security and cleansing services a Dormitory Director, an Information Desk supervisor, three Information Desk attendants, 10 cleaners and a technician work 24 hours in a regular manner.


All the rooms are furnished with beds with bases or bunk beds, closets, desks, fridges, land phones, carpets, curtains, tables and chairs, and bedside lamps, and they have toilets and wash basins. The rooms and common areas in the dormitory are cleaned on a daily, weekly, monthly and semesterly basis according to a predetermined schedule. The bed sheets are changed once a week, the bathrooms and toilets are cleaned every day, the rooms are cleaned three times a week, and the curtains and carpets are cleaned during semester breaks. The cleaning of the furnishings and the dry cleaning services are outsourced to professional firms. The students can use the washing machines and driers free of charge for doing their laundry.   


The dormitory buildings contain cafeterias serving meals and snacks to the students at different times of the day. Students who wish to prepare their own meals can use the fully furnished self-catering kitchens which include a sufficient number of electric cookers, electric and microwave ovens and toasters.     


Entrances and exits to the dormitory buildings are strictly controlled by the Information Desk attendants. Moreover, the building entrances and common areas are monitored 24 hours a day by surveillance cameras placed at crucial points. The buildings have central heating and hot water is provided 24 hours a day. There are cable TVs in all the common areas and internet connection in all the rooms. On every floor, there is a fire alarm system and fire valves, and at the end of the corridors, there are fire escape exits. The maintenance and repair services of the buildings are offered by the technical staff of the EBİ Corp. 


The EBİ Guest Houses are managed by the EBİ Management Services Group according to certain set criteria. Students are accepted to the METU Development Foundation Student Guest House in accordance with the provisions stated in the METU Dormitory Regulations, the decisions taken by the Executive Board of the Dormitories and METU principles. The registration rules have been determined according to the same criteria. Students are accepted to the dormitories for an academic year. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Department of Basic English, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students, research assistants and course attendees are equally availed of the dormitory facilities.


At the METU Development Foundation Student Guest House, students can choose between four different types of rooms, all with bathrooms.



Single room (males) (11.50m2)

Single room (females) (11.50m2)



DOUBLE ROOM                                                                                  

Double room (males) (16.32m2)

Double room (females) (16.32m2)

Double room (females) (35.28m2)


TRIPLE ROOM                                                                                   

Triple room (females) (28.08 m2)


The Payment Plan and Fees for the METU Development Foundation Student Guest House

Registrations for incoming students are done together with the university enrollments during the registration times, and registration renewals are done in June every year. An additional 250 TL security deposit for each room/bed is charged from the students. At the beginning of the academic year, the dormitory fee can be paid in advance to receive 10% discount, or payment may be made by credit card in 9 installments to the below mentioned banks.

Director of METU Development Foundation Student Guest House

Ayşe Feruze Çakmak

Tel: 0 312 210 15 92

Fax: 0 312 210 16 24

e-mail: ebikonukevi@gmail.com