15. Guest House

15. Guest House, which was constructed by EBİ CORP.  and opened in1999, was taken over by our university’s administration under the name “15. Guest House” in the 2014-15 academic year.

15. Guest House consists of three blocks and a total of 13 floors.

The first block with five floors has a total capacity of 115 beds and 70 rooms, and is for male students. On each floor, there are 5 single and 9 double rooms, 8 showers, 10 toilets, and 2 study rooms. On the top floor, there is a laundry room and a kitchen.

The second block with five floors again, contains a total of 85 rooms and 105 beds, and is for male students. It accommodates 61 showers and toilets, and 69 washbasins with its 21 single and 15 double rooms without bathrooms, and 44 single and 5 double rooms with bathrooms. On the down floor, there is a laundry room and a kitchen.

The third block consisting of three floors has a capacity of 24 rooms and 96 beds. In addition to the quadruple rooms with bathrooms for male students, there are two study rooms as well as a laundry and a kitchen on each floor.

  • All the rooms have free unlimited internet connection, closets, desks, beds and mini fridges.

  • The dormitory has central heating and hot water is provided 24 hours a day.

  • Each room contains beds and bedside lamps, a desk, a bookshelf, a closet, a carpet, a mini fridge and free internet connections.

  • On the ground floor, there is a canteen which provides both hot meals and cold snacks and drinks for the students.

  • There is a self-catering kitchen with cookers and microwave ovens.  

  • On the entrance and ground floors of the block, there are phone booths for long-distance and international calls


Deputy Director of 15th Guest House

Tarık Yılmaz

Tel: 0312 210 47 40

e-mail: yurt15@metu.edu.tr

Dormitory Information Desk

(0312) 210 38 84


Phone numbers for contacting students staying at the dormitories

(0312) 210 38 76 - 210 38 80 - 210 38 86

C Blok 4 Kişilik

A Blok 1 Kişilik Banyosuz

A Blok 2 Kişilik Banyosuz ( 18 m2)

B Blok 1 Kişilik Banyolu ( 23 m2)

B Blok 2 Kişilik Banyolu

B Blok 1 Kişilik Banyolu ( 15 m2)

B Blok 2 Kişilik Banyosuz

A-B Blok 2 Kişilik Banyosuz  ( 16 m2)

A-B Blok 2 Kişilik Banyosuz  ( 11 m2)