About the Graduate Guesthouse

The Graduate Guesthouse, which was put into service in 2015, has 120 rooms, 28 single, 10 double, 81 4-person (kitchen, bathroom, sink shared rooms are independent), and 1 disabled room. The guesthouse serves Research assistants, Doctorate and Master's students in order of priority.

The dorm's heating system is centralized (24 hours hot water). All rooms are furnished with a telephone open to calls from outside and within the campus, office type refrigerator (2 in shared rooms for 4 people), electric cooker, kitchen aspirator, internet connection, central satellite system, large cupboard, work desk, shoe rack, wooden bedsteads.

All rooms have a kitchen, bathroom, and toilet (shared use in 4-person rooms). On the ground floor of the guesthouse, there is a laundry room with 3 industrial types, 7 household-type washing machines, 7 dryers, iron, ironing board, and clotheshorse. In addition, there are 3 standard TV rooms on 2-3-4 floors.


Graduate Guesthouse Application

The Graduate Guesthouse receives applications from Research Assistants, Doctorate Students, and Graduate students (Master students who have completed their courses are prioritized) in order of priority.

For a new application, you can fill in the form below and submit it to the Dormitory Management by hand or send an e-mail to ym@metu.edu.tr (after the application form is filled, the printout can be scanned).

The student whose registration is due will be informed by phone or e-mail.

Note: Students residing in the center of Ankara with their families cannot apply for a Guesthouse.


Postgraduate Guesthouse Applications will be received after the registration of postgraduate students in the 2022-2023 Academic Year.


Graduate Guesthouse Fees

Room Type  Monthly Price 
(Per Person)
Shared Single Room 1.275,00 ₺  
Single Room 2.295,00 ₺  
Double Room (per person) 1.734,00 ₺  


Graduate Guesthouse Phone Numbers

Director of Graduate Guesthouse

Güldalı Doğan

+90 312 210 80 00

Fax: +90 312 210 79 46


Graduate Guesthouse Information

+90 312 210 62 24

e-mail: luk@metu.edu.tr


Graduate Guesthouse Room Plans

4 Person Shared Room Type (Type - 1)

4 Person Shared Room Type (Type - 2)

Single Room Type (Type - 3 and Type - 4)

Double Room (Type - 5 )

Double Room (Type - 6)

Disabled Room Type