İsa Demiray Dormitory

Amenities Offered to Students at İsa Demiray Dormitory

İsa Demiray Male-Student Dormitory was donated to our university in 2001 by its alumni Aydın and Ömer Işık Demiray brothers after they had built it and fully furnished. Male students reside in this dormitory which has a capacity of 604 beds. There exist 148 quadruple and 6 double rooms in the dormitory.

  • The bedrooms and study rooms have been designed separately.

  • The building has central heating and hot water is provided 24 hours a day.

  • All the rooms have land phones for receiving incoming calls, fridges, free internet connection, closets, desks, cupboards, coat hangers, as well as beds.

  • On each floor, there is a fully furnished self-catering kitchen, a study room, showers and toilets.

  • The dormitory also has a computer lab, a cafeteria and a canteen.

  • On the ground floor of the dormitory, there are laundry and ironing rooms and drawing & design rooms, all of which are available for common use.


Director of İsa Demiray Dormitory

Mehmet Kanar

Tel: 0312 210 47 30


Dormitory Information Desk

(0312) 210 47 31

 Phone numbers for contacting students staying at the dormitories

(0312) 210 62 86 - 210 62 87 - 210 62 88