Dormitory 2

Amenities Offered to Students at Dormitory 2

With a total of 368 beds, Dormitory 2 opened in 1965, and is currently occupied by 300 undergraduate and 72 graduate students.

The rooms in the dormitory are in groups of 4, with each room occupied by 2 students. All the rooms have beds with bases and bedside lamps. The students can use the bed bases to keep their extra personal belongings inside. Each room also contains a desk, 2 closets, wall sockets and internet connections. In each group of rooms, there is a bathroom, a toilet, a shoe cabinet, and 2 mini fridges.   

The dormitory has central heating and hot water is provided 24 hours a day. On every floor, there is a land phone that students can use to speak to incoming callers, and on the 2nd and 4th floor, there are kitchens suitable for cooking meals. The study rooms are on the ground floor and the top floor. Moreover, the dormitory has a 24-hour open computer lab with internet access. On the ground floor, there is a stationer’s and a canteen with cable TV. The 2 laundry rooms on the ground floor are available for common use.

Research assistants who are from other universities but employed at METU within the scope of the Scientific HR Development Program (ÖYP) reside in the rooms reserved for graduate students of Dormitory 2. Placements in the rooms  reserved for undergraduate students are made according to the criteria set by the Executive Board of the Dormitories.


Director of Dormitory 2

Mehmet Özeren

Tel: 0312 210 47 42

e-mail: yurt2@metu.edu.tr

Dormitory Information Desk

(0312) 210 27 42

Phone numbers for contacting students staying at the dormitories

(0312) 210 62 53 - 210 62 54 - 210 62 55