Dormitory 8

Amenities Offered to Students at Dormitory 8

Dormitory 8 was opened as dormitory for male students in 1980. Currently it has total capacity of 460 beds. There are 99 quadruple rooms, and also 16 quadruple rooms with built-in kitchens. 

The rooms in the dormitory are in groups of 4, with each room occupied by 2 students. All the rooms have beds with bases and bedside lamps. The students can use the bed bases to keep their extra personal belongings inside. Each room also contains a desk, 2 closets, wall sockets and internet connections. In each group of rooms, there is a bathroom, a toilet, a shoe cabinet, and 2 mini fridges.   

The building has central heating and hot water is provided 24 hours a day. 

Apart from these, the building contains  3 study rooms, 1 drawing and design room, and 1 laundry room. There are  2 self-catering kitchens with cookers and microwave ovens. Students can use the dryers, drying racks, and irons free of charge.

Director of Dormitory 8

Hasan Yazıcı

Tel: 0312 210 47 48

e-mail: yurt8@metu.edu.tr

Dormitory Information Desk

(0312) 210 27 48

Phone numbers for contacting students staying at the dormitories

(0312) 210 62 71 - 210 62 72 - 210 62 73