Dormitory 3

Amenities Offered to Students at Dormitory 3

Female students reside in this 404-bed capacity dorm, which was constructed under the sponsorship of Vehbi Koç and donated to METU in 1968. The dormitory has 101 quadruple rooms.

There are 2 bunk beds, a desk, a bookshelf, a closet, a carpet and a mini fridge in all the rooms. Using the telephone booths on every floor, students can make phone calls which will be put through by the operator at the dormitory Information Desk. On all floors, there are showers and toilets. On two floors of the dormitory, there is a fully furnished self-catering kitchen. On one floor, there are 2 study rooms and 1 drawing and design room, and on the ground floor, there is a canteen serving food and drinks to students.

Deputy Director of Dormitory 3

Şükriye Gündüz

Tel: 0312 210 47 43

e-mail: yurt3@metu.edu.tr

Dormitory Information Desk

(0312) 210 27 43

Phone numbers for contacting students staying at the dormitories

(0312) 210 62 56 - 210 62 57 - 210 62 58